Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Constipation

I started working with Marybeth because I was having difficulty with chemical sensitivities and chronic constipation. These problems improved dramatically with homeopathic treatment.

met Marybeth through a class she taught on homeopathy. Because of her knowledge, I was helped with many more problems than I had anticipated. With the help of homeopathy and Marybeth, I overcame nervousness, isolation and a kind of depression, so to speak, low self-esteem and more.

Marybeth suggested, along with homeopathy, other healing modalities which proved helpful and speeded my healing.

I also have been much healthier in general during and since I did homeopathy. I didn’t catch any of the viruses that almost everyone around me had during the fall and winter cold and flu season–and I work in a hospital and was exposed to it all.

I remained healthy the entire winter.

After working with Marybeth for seven months, my health is honestly outstanding. She is very easy to talk to and knows her profession well. I looked forward to our sessions because I got better each time.

I highly recommend her–she is truly remarkable.

Karen Falls

Wheeler, WI

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