Candida and Homeopathy


I was experiencing recurring Candida (yeast infection) for several years. I was always able to control it with a strict diet, avoiding all fruits, sugars, all carbohydrates, condiments and several other foods. This last time the tea tree essential oil, which helped in the past wouldn’t help at all.

The Candida was systemic with the worse symptoms I had ever experienced! With trial and error, I learned I could use oregano therapeutic essential oil to treat it myself. I was about to schedule an expensive stool analysis to see what kind of Candida it was so it could be treated with supplements.

That’s when I met Marybeth. She asked if I would like to be free of any more yeast infections without having to follow my rigid

diet. I knew that was what I really wanted. I had other concerns that I told her about also. She spent a couple of hours asking me questions. After being on the remedy for a few months I noticed a positive change in my emotional behavior. I was more assertive and expressive. I welcomed that feeling of expression. It was gradual and good for me. I continued on the remedy for about one year. I noticed other physical improvements such as no more constipation or hot flashes when I ate sweets.

I experienced wonderful dreams and explained their meaning to Marybeth. By my ninth visit I was concerned about quitting the remedy for fear the symptoms would come back. I stayed on my remedy for another six weeks and then I was very ready to be finished.

Many other forms of spirituality were being introduced to me after I started doing homeopathy with Marybeth. I was in awe how all this could be coming to me at the same time. I was more open

to and aware of everything that it going on around me. My body and mind are open to and responding to the changes I feel. I am enjoying the spirituality that has come into my life since homeopathy treatment.

Candida-Free and Happy in Wisconsin


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