Exhaustion, Menstrual Problems, Allergies and Very Low Energy


I had challenges with exhaustion/fatigue, heavy and long menstrual flow, bad hay fever symptoms (such as pounding head, plugged sinuses, itchy eyes, sneezing and trouble breathing), and the list could go on with other health challenges.

I was at a point where I was living with it, because I did not think there was anything I could do about my health and I took life, with all the challenges, as normal. These challenges did impact my life on a daily basis. I did not want to get out of bed in the mornings, no matter how much sleep I had had, the snooze button was my friend and I used it often. I would sleep my day away, for 10, 11, 12 hours a night. I had not desire to do anything else.

A good friend suggested I go and see Marybeth. I met with Marybeth and found that she was very nice to work with and to talk to, a good listener. I began to experience a shorter and a much lighter menstrual flow. Also, I have more energy, now once I am up for the day I have energy and have the desire to be active and to exercise again.

I have very few, mild hay fever symptoms, to the extent I can hardly remember the severity they used to


Also, things I had grown accustomed to I am finding can be changed and even reversed, and

that they are not normal and something I have to live with!

Some of my issues have become more clear and explained through homeopathy and talking with Marybeth!

I have also been able to call Marybeth and get suggestions for remedies for colds and coughs and how to treat them. I do not have medical insurance and I find

that Marybeth will work with me and can provide me with a remedy, herbal treatments or vitamins that help get to the root of the symptoms better than the medical profession.

This saves me time and money versus going to see a medical doctor. I notice remarkable

improvement within 24 hours, whereas with a doctor, sometimes there is nothing they can or will do, they can find

nothing “wrong” or

I go through a week of medications before seeing a difference and I end up paying a lot more money!

I’d strongly recommend Marybeth if you are tired of medications, the doctors cannot find anything wrong or you are just not seeing improvement.

Menomonie, WI


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