Anxiety and Flower Essences


I wanted to thank you for helping me so much with my anxiety over the past few months. I appreciate the insights you shared, they have helped me go from feeling victimized by my feelings to feeling able to control my feelings. And it isn’t really “controlling my feelings,” it is like I’m able to take a step back from my feelings and realize that they don’t have to run my life.

I especially enjoyed using the flower essences you chose for me. I remember you said that not many homeopaths use them, which I don’t understand because they just sort of….help you chill out. Take a deep breath and relax.

I appreciated your referring me to the book, “Anatomy of an Epidemic” when I was considering using antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds. What an eye-opening book that is. Anyone thinking of using meds for depression or anxiety MUST read this book to learn the full story of those meds—what your doc doesn’t know or doesn’t/won’t tell you.

Again, thanks so much for your help!

A Happier and Calmer Biker

Marybeth’s comments: Anxiety can seem so paralyzing that the person even becomes fearful of having the anxious feelings, in addition to the things the person is anxious about. The flower essences truly help a person get perspective about how valid or invalid their fears are, to “step back” and not get so wrapped up in negative feelings.

Help With Possible MS Symptoms and Pregnancy

In late 2009, I lost vision in my left eye for about 1½ months. I went to the eye doctor and he said I had Optic Neuritis. He said it was a common first symptom of Multiple Sclerosis and referred me to a neurologist.

After a series of many tests, the neurologist said that most likely I do have Multiple Sclerosis, but they can’t diagnose me on paper until I have 1 more episode to confirm it. He was pushing me to take prescription drugs that had horrible side affects to all of them. He wanted me to start taking the medicine now and for the rest of my life. He said it would not cure the MS, but it is supposed to reduce how many episodes I might have throughout my lifetime – if my body accepted the medicine.

I was horrified. I did not want to start taking the medicine since the neurologist said that he could not confirm on paper that I really did have MS. I refused the prescription medicines and some of my family got really upset. I thought to myself, “there has to be alternatives – naturally – that I can choose – without the horrible side affects of prescription medicines.”

I researched herbs and started on the (very expensive) herbal regimen right away. I was told by my herbologist that for a problem like MS, since it is an autoimmune problem, it would take me about 3 years on the herbal regimen to see positive affects and possibly turn my problem around.

She also did say that by taking this herbal regimen, I will feel worse before I feel better – and that was so true. I was so extremely fatigued it was hard to function in life. At the time my children were 3 and 5 years old and I had no energy for them – I lay on the couch most of the days, and had to force myself to get some energy to function as a mother. It was horrible. I lived that way for about 6 months.

Then one day, my husband and I got a wonderful surprise – we were expecting our 3rd child. I was now happy, but scared at the same time, since after pregnancy is usually when a woman’s MS would flare up and possibly get much worse, much faster than if she had not gotten pregnant at all.

I had to stop taking by herbal regimen since the herbs aren’t safe to take during pregnancy. I thought my health was in great danger that now I could not follow my herbal regimen anymore.

One of my friends recommended that I look into homeopathy – which would be safe to do while being pregnant. I was so happy to find out that there is something else I can do to better my health while being pregnant.

My friend referred me to Marybeth. I set an appointment with her as soon as possible. When I met with her, she was so friendly, helpful, understanding and reassuring. It was a breath of fresh air. She spent time listening to me and she was able to find remedies to give to me while being pregnant to help with my potential MS.

I was nervous that these remedies were going to make me feel worse, before better. Marybeth told me that is not how homeopathy works. It is administered in smaller doses and is designed to make you notice that it is working – by feeling better right away.

She was right. She put me on a remedy and I took it how she said, and I started to regain my energy level and think more clearly.

I am now 9 months pregnant, ready to go into labor any day now, and I can say that this pregnancy was the easiest pregnancy for me. I felt great throughout my whole pregnancy, and I know that Marybeth and homeopathy have a huge part to play in that. I feel healthier now and am enjoying life now.

I am so thankful that I found Marybeth and homeopathy. I feel this is a much better approach to better my health, and I will continue to work with Marybeth.

She is wonderful to work with. I feel she cares about me and my problems, not trying to sell things to me, but she really wants to help me and get me better – the natural and safe way. I believe in this alternative approach is working for me, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Minnesota Mother of 3

Marybeth’s note: This lady gave birth to her son after a fast labor and both recovered quickly. She hasn’t had her MS symptoms return at all, in fact she and her baby continue to thrive. Autoimmune conditions respond very well to homeopathy. I’ve worked with many people who have come in with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease and we’ve had amazing results. It can take 12-24 months to resolve these conditions, depending on how long the person has had the condition and their age.

A Severe Case of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Three and half years ago my life came virtually to a halt because of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, more commonly known as MCS. It started off slowly at first, I’d get angry when I was exposed to certain chemicals, then it progressed to include nausea, pains in my arms and legs, headaches and finally being unable to make it out of bed for almost a week at time. My friends and family had a hard time believing me and even I wasn’t sure I wasn’t crazy. Each time I tried to prove to myself it was all in my head I ended up in bed. I tried rotation diets, switching products for cleaning, the list goes on and none of it worked.

In a real way it crippled me. I couldn’t go anywhere without a face mask unless I wanted to spend the next few days in bed. I became more and more isolated because I couldn’t even have my friends in unless they were almost completely free of chemicals. The thing that bothered me the most was I looked fine. That was the trouble: to everyone else I looked like a healthy woman in her 30’s who just happened to prefer wearing a face mask. My home was the only place I was safe for a while, leaving it meant being ill even if no one in the world believed me.

I met Marybeth at a health fair at a mall. We spoke for a while about homeopathy; to be honest I was less than hopeful. Fortunately for me, my husband also met her. After a few minutes of talking to her, he decided it was worth a shot. It took him quite a while to convince me; I threw one road block up after another. In the end he won and the appointment was made.

It’s been over 6 months and I’ve reclaimed my life again. My recovery is not yet completed but I have confidence it will be soon. Within the first month I began to lose the pains in my arms and the visual impairment. A few months later the headaches were gone and I hadn’t used my emergency supply of Motrin and Ibuprofen which I kept at hand in my glove compartment. Even the nausea has let up.

I still get sick on chemicals, but not near the way I used to. I can go into a shopping store without a mask and I haven’t bought Ibuprofen in months.

It seems Homeopathy’s greatest critic has become one of her greatest advocates.

C. Mannon

Menomonie, WI


Help throughout Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery


Thank you so much for all of your help during my pregnancy. I don’t think things would have gone so well without you.



Belle Plaine, MN


Exhaustion, Menstrual Problems, Allergies and Very Low Energy

I had challenges with exhaustion/fatigue, heavy and long menstrual flow, bad hay fever symptoms (such as pounding head, plugged sinuses, itchy eyes, sneezing and trouble breathing), and the list could go on with other health challenges.

I was at a point where I was living with it, because I did not think there was anything I could do about my health and I took life, with all the challenges, as normal. These challenges did impact my life on a daily basis. I did not want to get out of bed in the mornings, no matter how much sleep I had had, the snooze button was my friend and I used it often. I would sleep my day away, for 10, 11, 12 hours a night. I had not desire to do anything else.

A good friend suggested I go and see Marybeth. I met with Marybeth and found that she was very nice to work with and to talk to, a good listener. Using the remedy she put in my hands, I began to experience a shorter and a much lighter menstrual flow. Also, I have more energy, now once I am up for the day I have energy and have the desire to be active and to exercise again.

I now have very few, mild hay fever symptoms, to the extent I can hardly remember the severity they used to be. Also, things I had grown accustomed to I am finding can be changed and even reversed, and that they are not normal and something I have to live with!

Some of my issues have become more clear and explained through homeopathy and talking with Marybeth!

I have also been able to call Marybeth and get suggestions for remedies for colds and coughs and how to treat them. I do not have medical insurance and I find that Marybeth will work with me and can provide me with a remedy, herbal treatments or vitamins that help get to the root of the symptoms better than the medical profession.

This saves me time and money versus going to see a medical doctor. I notice remarkable improvement within 24 hours, whereas with a doctor, sometimes there is nothing they can or will do, they can find nothing “wrong” or I go through a week of medications before seeing a difference and I end up paying a lot more money!

I’d strongly recommend Marybeth if you are tired of medications, the doctors cannot find anything wrong or you are just not seeing improvement.

Feeling More Normal

Menomonie, WI


Candida and Homeopathy

I was experiencing recurring Candida (yeast infection) for several years. I was always able to control it with a strict diet, avoiding all fruits, sugars, all carbohydrates, condiments and several other foods. This last time the tea tree essential oil, which helped in the past wouldn’t help at all. The Candida was systemic with the worse symptoms I had ever experienced! With trial and error, I learned I could use oregano therapeutic essential oil to treat it myself. I was about to schedule an expensive stool analysis to see what kind of Candida it was so it could be treated with supplements.

That’s when I met Marybeth. She asked if I would like to be free of any more yeast infections without having to follow my rigid diet. I knew that was what I really wanted. I had other concerns that I told her about also. She spent a couple of hours asking me questions. After being on the remedy for a few months I noticed a positive change in my emotional behavior. I was more assertive and expressive. I welcomed that feeling of expression. It was gradual and good for me. I continued on the remedy for about one year. I noticed other physical improvements such as no more constipation or hot flashes when I ate sweets.

I experienced wonderful dreams and explained their meaning to Marybeth. By my ninth visit I was concerned about quitting the remedy for fear the symptoms would come back. I stayed on my remedy for another six weeks and then I was very ready to be finished.

Many other forms of spirituality were being introduced to me after I started doing homeopathy with Marybeth. I was in awe how all this could be coming to me at the same time. I was more open to and aware of everything that it going on around me. My body and mind are open to and responding to the changes I feel. I am enjoying the spirituality that has come into my life since homeopathy treatment.

Candida-Free and Happy in Wisconsin


Chemical Sensitivities & Chronic Constipation

I started working with Marybeth because I was having difficulty with chemical sensitivities and chronic constipation. These problems improved dramatically with homeopathic treatment.

I met Marybeth through a class she taught on homeopathy. Because of her knowledge, I was helped with many more problems than I had anticipated. With the help of homeopathy and Marybeth, I overcame nervousness, isolation and a kind of depression, so to speak, low self-esteem and more.

Marybeth suggested, along with homeopathy, other healing modalities which proved helpful and speeded my healing.

I also have been much healthier in general during and since I did homeopathy. I didn’t catch any of the viruses that almost everyone around me had during the fall and winter cold and flu season–and I work in a hospital and was exposed to it all.

I remained healthy the entire winter.

After working with Marybeth for seven months, my health is honestly outstanding. She is very easy to talk to and knows her profession well. I looked forward to our sessions because I got better each time.

I highly recommend her–she is truly remarkable.

Karen Falls

Wheeler, WI


Marybeth is Creative and Correct in Her Assessments

I have been a beneficiary of homeopathy for many years, limited to common remedies such as arnica, which are miraculous. I am now delighted to have Marybeth available to deal with complex and core issues that come up for clients in my healing work.

I am also choosing to explore those areas in my life, even when they are very subtle, since I desire to live the highest quality of life possible.

I have been impressed with Marybeth’s creative and correct assessments of the appropriate remedies. I do not feel that there are many other homeopaths who are ready to dance lightly there.

A Friend of Homeopathy in Menomonie, WI

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