Amazing Arnica!

Do you know about Arnica, the homeopathic remedy for strains, sprains and bruises?

If you are new to homeopathy and to Arnica, you are in for a treat!

Arnica works so well for injuries for trauma, from over-doing it with gardening, yardwork, biking, etc.  And with bumps and bruises.

It comes in a wide variety of products and forms.  I like the Arniflora gel by Boericke & Tafel because it has a higher percentage of active ingredient than other topical gels.  But you can buy it in lotions, as an herbal tincture, as homeopathic pellets to take internally and in combination pellet formulations.

Good ways to use it:

If you have children, keep a tube in your purse, travel bag or diaper bag and apply a pea-sized amount of gel to the bumped area.

If you’ve overdone it with exercise or yard work, put the gel on the areas that are sore.

If you have traveled across several time zones or over long distances in the same time zone, take two doses of Arnica 30C, separated by four hours.

You can add the Arnica tincture to lotion and apply the lotion to sore areas.

If you are going to be very active, take a dose of Arnica 30C before your activity, then add two doses of Arnica pellets to your metal water bottle (clear or translucent water bottles let light touch the Arnica-water and can turn off the remedy).  Sip this water-Arnica combination over the course of your activity, then take another dose of Arnica pellets at the end of your activity.

Some stories about using Arnica:

1.  A client told me she ordered a truck full of landscaping rock to be delivered just before the Memorial Day weekend.  She planned to get all of the rock in place over the weekend and was a bit anxious about how she would feel when she went back to work on Tuesday.  I suggested she use Arnica in her water bottle, as outlined above.

When she came in for the next appointment, the first thing she told me about was her rock landscaping experience:  she used the Arnica faithfully and found that she was in good shape at the end of each day and in great shape on Tuesday.  She chuckled when she related how her co-workers had formed a little pool to take bets on what shape she would be when she came into work after moving all that rock.  She said no one had bet that she might feel just fine, so her co-workers gave her the entire proceeds of the pool.  So you might say she won twice:  feeling well after working so hard and receiving all the money in the betting pool.

2.  My pre-teen son had some dental work done, a filling.  Afterwards, he complained that the injection site was painful so I suggested he put some Arniflora gel on it.  He protested, “I’m not going to put that stuff inside my mouth!”  I suggested he rub it on his cheek, on the area over the injection site.  (Now this young man was raised with homeopathic remedies, he received his first remedies to help with colic and irritability when he was less than a week old.  So he knew the power of the homeopathic remedies.) Being a pre-teen, convinced that his mother couldn’t possibly know anything, he grumpily slouched to the bath medicine cabinet, put the Arniflora on his cheek, then exclaimed, “The pain is gone!”

My response was, “Duh!”

3.  A client texted me that she was really suffering from jet-lag after flying to India for a vacation.  She texted that she had packed a handful of homeopathic pellet remedies, listed them and asked what to do.  I suggested that she take several doses of Arnica pellets over the next day.  Four days later she texted that she felt fine after two doses of Arnica. (Arnica helps with injuries from trauma, and long airplane flights can feel pretty traumatic, plus wanting to sleep when everyone around you is up and about can feel pretty traumatic.  That is why I suggested she take Arnica.)

4.  A lady on my office building floor dropped by and said she was scheduled for surgery to repair the rotator cuff of her shoulder, a very painful surgery.  She asked me if I had any “stuff” to help her.  I told her about Arnica and another remedy, Hypericum, these remedies are amazing post-surgery remedies.  She bought those remedies and used them, then stopped by two weeks after her surgery.  She had just come from her two week post-op doctor’s appointment, her doctor said her healing, at two weeks post-surgery, was where he usually saw people being at four weeks post-surgery.  And when he went to write her a prescription for more pain meds, she told he she hadn’t filled the first prescription; the Arnica and Hypericum had taken enough edge off the pain that she didn’t need them.

DISCLAIMER:  Homeopathic remedies are considered as over-the-counter medications by the FDA.  While homeopathic remedies are considered to be very safe, anything that has the power to heal, can, if misused, cause harm.  Please consult a qualified, well-trained homeopath for more guidance.

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