Putting Homeopathy to the Test!

By Marybeth Buchele

“Ok, Marybeth, I’m going to homeopathy to the test,” said one of my patients about her preschool child. They both had just consulted me for constitutional care and I told the mom to call me if either of them came down with a cold, flu, sore throat, etc., so I could suggest a remedy to help them over any illnesses.

That morning the child had the beginnings of an earache: fever, pulling on the ear, weepy and clingy. Normally this child is very outgoing, full of energy and self confidence. The symptoms sounded like the child needed the remedy Pulsatilla.

I recommended the mom give the child up to three doses (three pellets of the remedy per dose) separated by about one and one-half hours over the afternoon. If the child still had symptoms after the third dose, I asked the mom to call me.

Early that evening the mom called to say her child’s ear infection had not progressed into the severe pain and high fever which had been the child’s pattern with ear infections in the past. But the child was still lethargic and a bit clingy and obviously not back to her normal self.

Since she had responded well to the Pulsatilla, I suggested the mom give the child one more dose of that remedy. Because I was at a meeting, I told her I would call her back later that evening.

We talked about 9 p.m. In the background I could hear the child playing noisily and


“I can’t believe this!” the mom said. “Less than a half hour after I gave her that last dose, she perked up and now she’s acting completely normal. I can’t believe I didn’t have to take her to urgent care. Homeopathy is great!”

—A true story—

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